Master Your Mess

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“Leslie Johnson’s personal organizing assistance was a godsend to me! I am a procrastinator and full time homemaker having an extremely active family, and subsequently, my home office had suffered.

The problem was that I had no time to get a gameplan together in how to attack the piles of papers and file folders covering my desk and floor. Initially I was hesitant to bring in a personal organizer to see my mess I had made, but once I committed to giving it a shot, I was thrilled that I chose Leslie. Not only does she find solutions for your problems, but she makes it a pleasant experience along the way! Leslie was sure to listen to my priorities and how my daily activities fit together, and she came up with numerous ideas that I have implemented that have improved my daily productivity dramatically. In addition, when you work with Leslie, you can clearly tell that she loves her job, and cares about her clients and the end result. I view personal organizers very differently now after working with Leslie, and I would recommend her service to anyone looking to better manage their office or any room in their houses!”

Paige Pinson

“When you hire a professional organizer, you need someone who is part coach, part mentor, part cheerleader and 100% expert!  Leslie Johnson is all of these things. As a busy homeschooling mom, life has a tendency to pile up pretty quickly around me. I hired Leslie back in the summer of 2013 to help dig me out, and I just can’t say enough positive things about the experience. She built an almost instant rapport with each member of our family, and I believe that personal touch is what sets her apart.  She is good at what she does, but just as importantly, she is the kind of person who will brighten your day the minute she hits your doorstep. She is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her.”

Grace Johansen

“I don’t know how I could have managed without Leslie when I moved to a new home with a fraction of the storage of my previous one. I was initially embarrassed to have anyone see what a “pack rat” I was, but Leslie made me feel comfortable and never judged. Her assistance was so valuable that I also hired her to help me get organized in my new home. She had some very creative ideas and product suggestions. I intend to keep hiring her for spring cleaning. Highly recommend!”

Rachel R, Atlanta, GA